You got Titanfall in My Atari Games! / by Michael Epstein



"Life is better with a Titan."

Developer Respawn Entertainment is trying to prove their Titanfall tagline rings true in any situation, including other video games. The Titanfall Arcade, a set of promotional browser games, adds a giant robot to classic Atari-era games like Asteroids.

Unfortunately, Asteroids isn't really "better" with a Titan. It's definitely easier, which is fine, but I wouldn't really say it's better.

Titanfall+Asteroids, is the only titan-infused game that's playable now, but Titanfall+Missle Command and Titanfall+Centipede are apparently on the way.

The real Titanfall, the one with the shooting and the jumping and the robots, is coming to Xbox One and PC March 11.

Source: Titanfall Arcade