ICYMI - 8/2/14 by Michael Epstein

Test footage for a potential Deadpool movie leaked this week. Like everyone else on the internet, I really hope they make this movie.

Repeal Prohibition, Again (NYT)

The New York Times compares the government's position on marijuana to prohibition in a proclamation that, at times, reads like the editorial equivalent of flexing your muscles in front of a mirror and posting it on YouTube...

I guess that's nice? At least they made a neat background to go with it.

The Down-and-Dirty History of TMZ (Buzzfeed)

TMZ creator Harvey Levin sounds like a 21st Century reincarnation of Howard Hughes or J Edgar Hoover. Armed with a vault of Hollywood's deepest, darkest secrets, Levin will apparently do whatever it takes to reign in celebrity privilege, even if it means disregarding journalistic ethics and human decency.

Yes, There is an Uber for Weed (Motherboard)

There was a "Grindr for weed." Now there's an "Uber for weed." One of these days somebody is going to make one these things and they're actually going to work.

I'm a Lesbian Marrying a Man (Salon)

EJ Levy writes out the most confusing, esoteric splitting of ideological hairs I've ever been privy to... Which is why it's kind of awesome.

The Comic-Con Talk Back is a Real-Life Comments Section (Vox)

On the last day of Comic-Con there's a panel, the Comic-Con Talk Back, where people can go and complain about having the organizers did wrong, which sounds like it could be the most excruciating thing you could possibly do.