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Welcome To The Block Party (The Awl, Medium)

iOS 9 comes out this week, and with it, access to an incoming wave of ad-blockers for mobile browsers. Casey Johnston laid out the pros and cons of blocking ads, leading a surge of iOS 9-related ad-blocking op-eds.

Yes, there are pros and cons to ad-blockers, but even some of the pros look like cons to me. Contrary to what some experts say, the solution to worst practices in advertising is boycotting bad sites. You should stop buying a company's products if you disapprove of their policies, but only a crazy person would think it would be ok to walk into the nearest Apple store and start stuffing iPod Shuffles down your pants because you hate how they've treated the people who build their products.

Needless to say, if you use an ad-blocker, we are not friends.

The Maze Runner: the Scorch Trials Take Franchise Filmmaking to a New Low (Flavorwire, Medium)

It's my first movie review. Ever. I'm pretty sure the review is better than the movie, which was terrible.

Image Credit: Irving PD via  Slate

Image Credit: Irving PD via Slate

This is the clock that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought to his school on Monday; the one that his teacher and the police thought was a bomb.