ICYMI 1.16 / by Michael Epstein

The White House announced a their second annual "big block of cheese day," a social media initiative inspired by president Andrew Jackson, more importantly, The West Wing.

Out of The Wild (The Verge)

There are too many deer on Staten Island. Even though the borough lives in the shadow of the other four, it is still part of New York City, which means the population is too dense for large animals to roam free without causing a lot of problems. The city has an "Interagency Deer Management Task Force," but no one seems to have a good, reasonable idea for taking care of them.

Serial Prosecutor Defends Guilty Verdict: Part II (The Intercept)

Natasha Vargas-Cooper's multi-faceted investigation into the events surrounding paragon podcast Serial continues with the second half of an interview with Kevin Urick, the Maryland prosecutor who made the legal case that put Adnan in prison. (If you don't know who Adnan is, this will all be gibberish to you.)

Interestingly, in a parting shot to The Intercept before announcing that she would leave the site to write for Jezebel, Cooper posted a series of e-mails between Serial host Sarah Koenig and Urick on her blog, which suggest that Koenig and Co. may not have done their due diligence when seeking out Urick's side.

If you liked Serial, then you should read the whole series. If you were left with nagging questions, then you need to. It begins with with Cooper's interview of Jay Wilds, which came out at the very end of 2014.

A Wild Goose Chase (Eater)

Brandon Choko, a novice chicken farmer outside Atlanta, experimented with making "ethical Foie Gras," which is really a contradiction in terms:  Making foie gras sways in and out of legality because of the age-old process by which its made, force-feeding geese until their livers swell. His idea, naive at best, serves as an access point for a story that basically amounts to "what's the deal with foie gras?" It's a good question, really, because it's an issue that really can be spun any which way, depending on which parts of the story mean the most.

How to Become The Most Rachet Stripper in Florida (Vice)

I think the story title is self-explanatory. The photos are NFSW, obviously, because strippers.