ICYMI - 9/6/14 / by Michael Epstein

Grantland's Touchdown Celebration Matrix

Breaking Madden: Jadevon Clowney's Quest for 201 Sacks in a Game (SBNation)

Jon Bois' Breaking Madden series was the best part of football season last year. You don't need to like football. You don't need to know who Jadevon Clowney is. Just read it. It's funny.

You Have to Protect Yourself (Infinite Lives)

Jenn Frank, one of the best critics writing about video games, is giving up on the subject after her views on the rapidly escalating #gamergate scandal — an aggregated twitter shitstorm with people screaming about journalistic ethics, sexism and the liberal "Social Justice Warriors" — drew an inordinate amount of hate to her from the depths of the internet.

As someone who's taken a break from writing about games, Frank's departure is incredibly disturbing. If one of the field's paragons is dropping out poor and upset at the world she was willing to sacrifice for, then it begs the question; should I even consider going back?