ICYMI - 9/20 / by Michael Epstein

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I Have Sexsomnia—And Can't be Cured (Motherboard)

If you can sleep-talk, sleepwalk, sleep-eat or sleep-drive, then why not sleep-fuck? Stephen Klinck documents his own diagnosis, goes into the history of the condition and outlines what could be some complicated legal implications.

What it's Like to Watch a Meme Explode on Twitter: The Sign Bunny Story (The Daily Dot)

Unfortunately, the Sign Bunny does not look good on this website. If it did, you would be much happier. You would be happier because, instead of this paragraph, you would be reading a nice little quip about how much people love bunnies, memes and Twitter.

This article details how a reporter at The Daily Dot triggered a little fad on Twitter. The Sign Bunny is cool, but charting the flow of the internet is much cooler.

A Shortcut to Comic Celebrity (NYT)

A profile of budding celebrity Josh Ostrovsky, aka Instagram's "The Fat Jewish," who is trying to elevate himself any way he can into the mainstream zeitgeist via new "everyday" approach to social media stardom. Based on the story, he's every bit as crazy as you think he is...

Also it was in printed in the style section — probably because of his ponytail-thing — which is hilarious in itself.

Unofficial headline*: The iPhone 6 Plus is Too Big For Me, and Probably for You Too (Slate) 

Smartphone consumers have made it clear that they love big screens, and Apple's new phones are finally obliging them, but unless you're a professional athlete you probably do not have the hands or pants to use a 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus as well as your current phone.

*I wrote my own headline because the official ones — Slate rarely almost always has a couple — are abhorrently manipulative attempts to grab social traffic. The story is still good, though, so it makes the list.