ICYMI - 6/21 / by Michael Epstein

This week's ICYMI has a theme of sorts. Monday will be my first day of Journalism school, so these stories are all related to school and change... And World Cup. We can't forget about World Cup.

The Clever Stunt Four Professors Just Pulled to Expose The Outrageous Pay Gap in Academia (Slate)

Brandeis graduates know better than most that school presidents make too much money. A group of professors at the University of Alberta decided to let the school know their stance on the matter by applying for the presidency as a foursome. With more than fifty professors following their lead, what started out as a joke has become a statement about how universities are run.

Taskrabbit is Starting Over to Become The Uber of Everything (The Verge)

I've never met someone who's actually used Taskrabbit: Who wants to get in a bidding war over a dog-walker? The new system sounds interesting, but we'll see if it's enough to get more people comfortable with hiring strangers to run their errands for them.

PewDieDie, YouTube's Most Famous Gamer, Makes Four Million Dollars per Year (WSJ)

PewDieDie is not a new name to anyone remotely aware of the video game streaming sub-culture on YouTube and Twitch. Still, I no idea he was making that much money.

Interactive World Cup Odds infographic (FiveThirtyEight)

World Cup is confusing. Even if you like sports, the tournament is hard to follow if you aren't a soccer fan. FiveThirtyEight's visualization doesn't really make it any easier to understand the group system used in the first round, but at least you'll know who's supposed to win.

New Sensors Will Scoop "Big Data" on Chicago (Chicago Tribune)

The city of Chicago is at the forefront of the "smart city" social experiment, and the next step will be tracking traffic on city streets by "counting" cell phone signals. Privacy issues aside, after two weeks of relatively crappy internet service, I have to ask; How the hell does the city think it has bandwidth to support this?