ICYMI - 5/10 / by Michael Epstein

Vice "Call of Duty" Trailer Blurs Line Between Advertising and News (Poynter)

Q: How often do we get a well-reported article critiquing video games and academic Journalism?

wNo matter how you come down on it, taking that Call of Duty cash shows just how close Vice has gotten to "the man," which its readers once loved to despise.Activision slapped a ton of Call of Duty branding on an abridged Vice report about private military companies (PMCs) to promote this year's entry in the series, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which will come out this November. According to Poynter, both the process of making the report and its presentation fall into some ethical gray areas. 

Twitter is Not Dying (Slate)

In response to The Atlantic declaring Twitter a soon-to-be platform of the past last week, Slate's Will Oremus explains why everyone who's tried to quantify Twitter's success, including the company itself, is doing it wrong. If you don't "get" Twitter, you will after this.

Ten Best Sentences (The American Scholar)

The snootiest listicle around. We've got ten out-of-context sentences from fiction and non-fiction. The list is a little definitive for my taste, even if they are all very nice. As NYT's Farhad Manjoo points out, a lot of these were picked out because of their length, rather than their power or elegance.

The Blue Album at 20: Looking Back at Weezer's Debut 20 Years Later (Grantland)

Once upon a time, I couldn't leave my house without a Weezer album on hand, so I couldn't help but fawn over Grantland's track-by-track meditation on their first album.