ICYMI - 5/24 / by Michael Epstein

The news that Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Browns last week has sparked a wave of creativity in the extremely excited residents of Cleveland...

Conflict Bubbles: Behind SodaStream's Occupied Territory Factory (The Verge)

Remember that hubbub about SodaStream's Super Bowl commercial? Peter Sandovik investigates the company's West Bank factory and the controversy it started. While the story spends a little too much time talking about the importance of Scarlett Johanson's sponsorship, it also scratches the surface of the web of conflicts affecting economic opportunity in the West Bank.

The Kentucky Route Zero Guide to Film (Venus Patrol)

Indie darling Kentucky Route Zero, a surreal interactive narrative with more in common with Blue Velvet than Super Mario Bros, is one of the few positive examples of the creative interplay between games and other media. Supplementing to his lecture at this year's Game Developer's Conference, creator Temas Kemenczy lists a bunch of the theatrical influences that inspire his drawn-out development process.


The best possible byproduct of overzealous TV fandom, visual designer John White created this beautifully illustrated website to showcase his dissection of a single episode of The West Wing.

Forgetting for a moment that I was predisposed to loving this website — I love The West Wing and "17 People" is one its best episodes — the site shows the amazing potential of using Web Apps to create amazing magazine-style longform "experiences" applies to criticism, as well as reporting.

The Life and Times of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (The Awl)

What does this Emoji mean? Where did it come from? Should you care about it at all?