Snapshot: Medill Goes to Facebook / by Michael Epstein

Last fall, my Health and Science Reporting seminar went to San Francisco to check out some (scientific) sights in The Valley, including quick tour around the Facebook campus. We weren't able to go into the labs, but I shot some photos while we walked around.

From Left: Michaela Meaney, Sara Freund, Professor Donna Leff, Zach Vasile, Katherine Dempsey, Symmetry Editor Kathryn Jepsen, Grace Eleyae.

The campus looks exactly how you would expect it to. The colorful pop art and carefully selected typography plastered on the walls says; "Yes, we do keep an artist on retainer."

The campus feels huge: The courtyard outside the campus' centrally located cafeteria has a constant flow of people moving in, out, around and through.

Among the engineers and designers, Medill blends in surprisingly well... Except for me, which is why I ate quickly and started taking pictures.

Medill BSJ Megan Hernbroth (second from left) is an intern in Facebook's communications office. At lunch, she gives advice to lowly the graduate students. "we're always hiring!" Hernbroth says... Unfortunately, she was talking about engineers.

Hernbroth says a lot of meetings at Facebook happen while walking the paths between buildings.

Adrienne (right) has the presence of mind to smile for the camera.

It's "Hacktober" at Facebook, and apparently this spider is the campus mascot.

Some parts of Facebook campus take a decidedly amusement-park-style feel...

And like any good amusement park, Facebook has a perfectly placed gift shop.